I really enjoyed and love my life in Sendai

I really enjoyed and love my life in Sendai in one year! This city is the best not only for study but also for living and discover Japanese life. The city also has many interesting places and my favorite place in Sendai is the riverbank where I can invite my friends to barbecue or lazy to go out and have many places to enjoy Japanese food specialties.

The JYPE program is diverse in subject matter and research. Under the enthusiastic teaching of professors, every lesson to become interesting and easy to understand. I learned and practiced my favorite subjects. In addition, facilities such as laboratories and libraries are fully equipped and modern, providing the best learning and research facilities for faculty and students. Also, I had an enjoyable time with nice lab work where I also enjoyed my time with my open and friendly colleagues who were willing to help me whenever I needed their support. The JYPE program not only gives me the opportunity to learn many things but also keeps me memorable and has good friends from different countries. You not only learn Japanese culture, you also learn a lot about different cultures from all continents.

I also want to say thank to all my teachers in Thuyloi University and Advance program for all supports.

Pham Van Manh, 55CNK1