Semester experience (8-12/2018) at Chonnam National University, Korea's of Students in Advanced Program

Four members from two classes of 57NKN and 58nkn in advanced programs School of International Education - Thuyloi University has just completed an exchange program of Southeast Asian students (AIMS) at Chonnam National University, South Korea (Chonnam National University-CNU) in semester I, school year 2018-2019.

Chonnam National University is one of the 10 public universities of South Korea, and is evaluated as one of the top 5 best public universities of the Kimchi’s land. Currently the university is the study of more than 37,000 students in the country and internationally. The university has three main campuses: Hakdong, Yeosu, and Gwangju.

The university's facilities are good for teaching and learning for all teachers and students in school. Students can easily study and acquire knowledge through the system: library, computer lab, research institutes, practice...

Chonnam National University has a dynamic learning environment, professional facilities as well as modern equipment. As a national university, the school consists of many small schools, each being in a separate campus, and independent of each other. The school planted a lot of greenery, creating shade and beauty for the school scene.

Dormitory for exchange student are comfortable (2 people 1 bedroom, hygiene). Bedrooms include: air-condition, heating, beds, refrigerators, desks, table lamps, and shelves for furniture. Wi-Fi is free for students.

The Korean students are very kind and friendly, helping us a lot in the early weeks to be in harmony with life in the new place. In addition, Chonnam National University welcomes many international students from all over the world to study: China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Finland, and France... The exposure to a lot of cultures and their way of thinking, their learning causes us to change a lot.

Each week, the school organizes activities to participate in cultural and sports for students... Through these programs we have the opportunity to understand more about Korean culture as well as to be associated with each other.

In addition, we are also involved in the Coffee Hour, which was held in March 11/2018. Coffee Hour is a small presentation for the students of the AIMS program and Korean students. This activity brings people closer to each other, from strangers who become close and knowledgeable, about each other, culturally, traditional and ethnic identity. Most people are fascinated and impressed when Vietnamese students introduce their peoples, especially the attractions and traditional dishes and street dishes.

Lâm, Tùng, Tốt and Thủy in Korean class with other friends come from Malaysia, Indonesia

Futsal Team from 3 countries Việt Nam, Malaysia, Philippine

Gwangju is a suburban city, quite quiet and cool, in September, in October; the climate change to quite cold so each student should prepare two wind coats when Korean into this fall. Close to schools and dormitories are supermarkets, convenience stores selling all items from food, drinks to clothes and household items. Autumn is probably the most beautiful and romantic season. When the winter comes, students should prepare a variety of warm clothes because the temperature can reach -10 degrees in mid-December.

The Korean's working style is very punctual, strictly. The Koreans are very enthusiastic and always help foreign students as much as possible.

Walking around the school, learning about the school development helped us get acquainted with a new life and more clearly understand our school. Plants in the autumn look so green and fresh, natural landscapes are really beautiful, especially the grass yard before library.

Front of the library


Learn how to make bibimbap (mixed rice) at a popular restaurant in Gwangju


Busan tour in 2 days 1 night


Hanok Ancient village and Suncheon Flower Garden


Visiting Asian Culture Center and Car manufacturing factory-Hyundai

Skiing in Gangwondo, South Korea

In free time we often travel, shopping in the downtown and enjoying the famous cuisine of Korean.


Visiting Jeju Island and Udo Island

In addition, we also participate in volunteer activities with Korean students from the Gwangju International Center (GIC) organization. People are very kind; together we improve English and Korean. Through which we are more knowledgeable about Korean culture, visiting and playing games at Sajik Park and Nam-gu, Gwangju. In addition, the end of the session we get receives certificates and gifts.

4 students of Thuyloi University participate in volunteer activities with international students and Korean students from the Gwangju International Center (GIC) organization

The trip is a great experience for us; a chance that we think will be difficult for the second time. We have gained knowledge, experience and learning are the lifestyle of the Koreans, understand more about the culture of host country, familiarize with the friends around the world. Not only that, Korea is a culturally diverse country, as well as scenic, so this exchange program is also the occasion to discover more about the new land. We sincerely thank School of International Education - Thuyloi University, the Advanced Program, the AIMS program and the Chonnam National University who have helped you to get great experience and learn a lot of things in the country of Kimchi.

From the experience accumulated from the exchange of studies and then in Korea, we are always happy to support the Advanced Program students-the irrigation University as the registration procedure for a semester in Korea in the coming period. Wish you success and get a lot of results in studying and experiencing life in developed countries such as in Korea and hopefully the next time there will be more you have the opportunity to participate in further exchange programs.

Nguyen Quoc Son Lam – Trinh Thi Tot