Professor Hiver Jean Michel, University of Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium teaching Hydraulic Engineering

[SIE] From October 16, 2017 to October 21, 2017, Prof. Hiver Jean Michel, from the Faculty of Engineering, the prestigious University of Libre de Bruxelles of the Belgian Kingdom taught a part of the course of Hydraulic Engineering to students of Advanced Undergraduate Program, class 56CNK and 56NKN. Although teaching at Thuyloi University for a short time, he is very enthusiastic and harmonious, giving students valuable knowledge and experience. Thanks to Prof. Hiver Jean Michel, Advanced Undergraduate Program students have the great opportunity to learn a lot of useful knowledge and experience from the wonderful teacher who comes from the far Western country.

Professor Hiver Jean Michel photographed with 56CNK and 56NKN students

Professor Hiver Jean Michel on the ancient The Huc bridge, Ha Noi