Annual Science Conference of Thuy Loi University - 2019 is held on November 14, 2019. This is an opportunity to meet and exchange between scientists and managers from universities and institutes. research throughout the country, and share the latest research results in the fields of science, technology, economy and society.

The annual meeting of the Irrigation University aims to introduce and exchange research results, advances, ideas on science and technology, technology application and deployment, urgent requirements of practice. in many different fields including: Construction; Water Resources Engineering; Hydrology - Hydraulic; Energy; Economics and Management; Mechanical; Chemical-Environment; Information Technology and Scientific Calculations; Social science; English language. In addition, the Conference has an International Subcommittee for reports in English. Registration, posting, and criticism are conducted online on the Conference's website to facilitate the exchange and sharing of opinions between authors and reviewers.

In the Annual Science Conference 2019, the Department of English, School of International Education, presided over 2 sessions including English Language 1 and English Language 2, creating a premise for opening the English Language major for the next academic year. The conference has attracted the attention of researchers, lecturers and teachers from many universities in the country and internationally. Of which, 24 articles were selected for presentation during the Conference process in 2 sessions. The content of the articles mainly focuses on English teaching methods and linguistic issues.

Presenters in two sessions of English Language 1 and English Language 2

The seminar progress has been actively contributed by English lecturers, School of International Education with many articles with practical topics related to applicable and effective foreign language teaching methods to improve the quality of teaching and learning English at not only Thuy Loi the University but also other universities in Hanoi; improve and enhance both students' learning attitude toward learning English and student's English language proficiency. In addition, a lot of teaching methods, active teaching activities and new learner-centered approaches are also discussed enthusiastically. In particular, the articles and research results are written in English, expressing the internationalization spirit of the reporters.


The conference was a rewarding event to encourage the scientific research movement at Department of English, School of International Education, to improve the quality of English teaching and learning, as well as an activity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Thuy Loi University (1959-2019).


Some photos of the conference:

Ms. Vũ Thị Ánh Phượng presenting the topic

"Implementation of Jigsaw in teaching speaking skills with "prepare" textbook

Ms. Lê Thị Phương Lan presenting the topic "Difficulties in teaching English using the textbook Market Leader at Thuy Loi university context"

Mr. Vũ Đình Hưng presenting the topic "Teaching vocabulary to first-year students via mobile messages''

Ms. Tong Hung Tam, Ph.D presenting the topic 'applying suitable techniques in teaching reading English at Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment''.

Some presenters in English Language 1 session.

By Anh Phuong