Workshop on Research Skill Development to Engage Student Thinking

English Division, School of International Education, Thuyloi University successfully organized the workshop "Research Skill Development to Engage Student Thinking". The workshop attracted the attention and enthusiasm of 50 English language teachers from universities and colleges from Hanoi and Hung Yen.

[SIE] With the agreement of the management board of Thuyloi University, on December 15th, 2016, English Division of School of International Education, TLU successfully conducted the workshop named "Research Skill Development to Engage Student Thinking."

The seminar was presented by Dr. John Willison, a senior Lecturer from University of Adelaide, Australia. With the topical theme and the objectives to develop scientific thinking of lecturers and students when doing scientific research, the seminar attracted the attention and enthusiastic participation of 50 English lecturers from Universities and Colleges in Hanoi and Hung Yen such as Thuyloi University, Hanoi University of science and technology, Hanoi University of Industry, National Economics University, Hanoi University of Business and Technology and Hung Yen University of technology and education

The workshop was conducted entirely in English and was evaluated as a really effective one. The notable success of the workshop was achieved thanks tothe speaker’s clearly addressing the issues involved as well asthe lively practical activities designed in the content of the workshop that stimulated excitement and enthusiasm for the learning of all participants.

With the experience from holding such an accomplishment in this seminar, hopefully in the future, the Division of English from School of International Education plans to conduct a number of similar academic seminars in order to not only update new knowledge but also facilitate exchanges between Universities in Hanoi and its neighborhoods.