Share of Vu Ngoc Quynh, an alumna of class 50NK Undergraduate Advanced Program

Share of 50NK alumni, currently a lecturer in the Department of Water Resources Engineering, Thuy Loi University

Time passed quickly! I still remember feeling excited about the day of admission at the Thuyloi University 9 years ago. As the first batch of Undergraduate Advanced Program in Water Resources Engineering at Thuyloi University (50NK Class in the academic year 2008 - 2012) in cooperation with Colorado State University - USA, students of my class were studying a completely English environment.. Therefore, in addition to improving professional knowledge, improving English skills is also a very important factor. For us then  it was not easy to get used to the new methodology. Thuyloi University and Advanced Program have always provided the best possible conditions for us to study, from classroom facilities, equipped labs to scientifically schedules. The teachers always hearted and encouraged us to contribute comments during class hours. The program also regularly organizes and encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities such as football exchanges, presentations, cooking competitions...

MSc. Vu Ngoc Quynh - an alumna of class 50NK Undergraduate Advanced Program

After graduation, the knowledge and skills that we are equipped with from the Undergraduate Advanced Program have helped us a lot in our work and study. Up to now, each of us has had his own way, but each time we meet we often review the memories of the university: group study, final exam review, extracurricular activities.

For myself, the Undergraduate Advanced Program has given me the wonderful opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge from my lecturers; to study together and grow up with 50NK friends.