Advanced Program students presenting at the 10th APAC 2019 at Thuy Loi University

From September 26-28, 2019, apart from the honor of participating in hosting an international conference of the 10th Asia-Pacific International Conference on coastal estuaries of Asia - Pacific Ocean (APAC 2019) and activities within the framework of the conference - first time held in Vietnam, Advanced Program students, TLU are very happy and proud to contribute and participate into sub-groups with their research topics.

With the theme "Living with nature, coping with changes in coastal areas" (Living with nature, coping with coastal changes), 2019 APAC conference consists of 10 groups of topics dealing with ocean wave issues, tides and tsunamis; coastal erosion and sediment transport; hydrodynamics in estuarine and coastal areas; developing and improving the delta region; developing banks and yards and preventing erosion; marine ecosystems and marine environment; renewable energy of the sea and offshore; climate change and coastal response; marine hazards and risk assessment and coastal erosion and saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta. Topics under the sub-committees are considered to have discussed urgent issues in Vietnam and global contexts.
The conference attracted nearly 300 international delegates and leading experts from several countries including Japan, China, Korea, USA, Germany, Netherlands, et cetera and nearly 400 delegates from many universities and institutes. research and regulatory agencies in the country. In the seminars, there was also the participation of the advanced student group, Thuy Loi University.

As a delegate, the research team consisting of students Tran Duc Huy, Truong Viet Hoang and Doan Mai Huong (class 57 NKN), under the guidance of Assoc. Dr. Ho Viet Hung, participated in the conference with the topic "Application of artificial intelligence to predict the water level in Xuan Quan".

Sharing about their speeches at the conference, the research team really appreciated the support and guidance of the teachers in the research process. The group was very surprised, happy and proud when their research project was accepted and published in the Springer journal (famous American scientific journal), and was allowed to take the role of conference delegate to present about the research results in front of many professors and international scientists. The research team also shared that scientific research is a good opportunity for young people who are passionate about research, and it not only orients students and have better understanding about scientific research, but also is a good opportunity to develop their knowledge and their future jobs.

That Scientific research activities of the group of students recognized at an international conference such as APAC is an encouraging mark in the movement of students of Thuy Loi University in general and Advance Program in particular. The good English proficiency- the outstanding feature and also the strength of Advance program students will be a stepping stone and advantage for them to continue participating in national and international seminars, orientation of their research and later development.

Anh Phuong, Department of English