Asia International Mobility for Students- AIMS program

  1. Introduction

Asia International Mobility for Students-AIMS program was established in the Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand (M-I-T) Student Mobility Pilot Project conference, dated from March 15th to March 16th, 2012 in Penang, Malaysia. In this meeting, besides three countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, the other new member states were selected. Vietnam has officially participated in the program since September, 2012.

The program targets the following seven disciplines: Hospitality and Tourism, Agriculture, Language and Culture, International Business, Food and Technology, Economics, and Engineering.

The Vietnamese universities participating in this program include: Foreign Trade University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University, National Economics University, Thai Nguyen University, Maritime University, University of Transport, ThuyLoi University and University of Agriculture. According to Decision No. 2391 / BGDĐT-GDĐH dated 20/4/2012 of the Ministry of Education and Training, some conditions for student exchange are stipulated as follows:

- For countries sending students: be responsible for travel costs, medical insurance fees, accommodation expenses, recognition of student learning outcomes.

- For the host countries: do not collect tuition, arrange accommodation, provide basic health insurance, appoint a mentor to support students from the partner school.

- Each school may have different preferences with partner schools during the initial deployment to attract foreign students to study depending on their conditions.

  1. Admission criteria

Student admission criteria are set according to the requirements of each institution. For example, some institutions have the following requirements:

a. Thornburi University of Technology, Thailand (KMUTT):

- A full-time student; completed at least one academic year at the student body.

- GPA: minimum score of 2.75 (on the scale of 4)

- English proficiency: TOEFL 500 or equivalent.

b. Malaysia University of Technology (UTM):

- No minimum GPA is required. The school sending students ensures that students are sent abroad to study at the UTM program.

- English proficiency: TOEFL ³ 550, IELTS ³ 6.0.


C. University of Tsukuba, Japan:


- GPA ³ 2.3 (JASSO scale)

- English proficiency: no specific requirements. School sending students ensures that students are qualified to study abroad.

         3. Application procedure for study abroad

- For AIMS program:

+ School of International Education sends advanced program students’ exchange application forms of the exchange program together with the application form (Exchange Application Form);

+ Students learn information through the staff of International Training and Management Department of School of International Education, Program Coordinator and students who have been studying under the AIMS program;

+ Students who wish to study abroad and meet the requirements of the school receiving the registration of aspirations with the class monitor;

+ The class monitor sends the list of registered students to the International Training and Management Department;

+The International Training Management Department will compile a list of students enrolled to study abroad under the Student Exchange Program and report to the Board of Directors of the School of International Education.

+ The Board of Directors of School of International Education selects the best student list based on academic performance, English proficiency, and interdisciplinary subjects matching conditions, school regulations on student management Advanced program submitted to the Rector Board for approval;

+ The Board of Rectors reviews and approves the list of students to attend the student exchange program submitted by School of International Education;

+School of International Education announces the list of students selected by the University through the International Training and Management Department;

+ The selected student completes the required profile and submit the file (hard copy and hard copy) to School of International Education via the International Training and Management Department;

+ School of International Education sends the selected student profile to the host university;

+ The host university will announce the selection result and send it to School of International Education. After that, the host university will send the Letter of Acceptance to Thuy Loi University;

+ Based on the letter of acceptance of the host university, ThuyLoi University conducts the decision to send students to study abroad;

+ Students are sent abroad for study using the acceptance letter of the host university and the sending decision of the university to contact the embassy of the host country (if having a visa request) to apply for a visa. Time to process visa application is about 2 weeks.

   List of AIMS member universities and associated fields of study​







Brunei Darussalam



TBI Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (International Business)

Ahmad Dahlan University (Language and Culture)

Chulalongkorn University (Language and Culture Economics)

Foreign Trade University (International Business)

St. Paul University of the Philippines

University Brunei Darussalam (Language and Culture, International Business, Food Science &Technology, Economics, Engineering)

Hokkaido University (University of Tokyo, Rakuno Gakuen University)


Universiti Malaya (International Business Language & Culture)

BINUS University ( International Business Hospitality and Tourism)

Kasetsart University (Agriculture)

Nong Lam University (Food Science & Technology)

Central Luzon State University


University of Tsukuba


Universiti Putra Malaysia (Agriculture, International Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Food Science & Technology)

Bogor Agricultural University (Food Science & Technology )

Mahidol University (International Business)

Hue University- College of Economics

Lyceum of the Philippines University


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Ibaraki University, Tokyo Metropolitan University)


UniversitiSains Malaysia (International Business, Language & Culture, Food Science & Technology)

Maranatha Christian University (Language and Culture)

Mae Fah Luang University (Food Science & Technology)

National Economics University (Economics)

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture


Hiroshima University


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Language & Culture, Engineering)

GadjahMada University (Agriculture, Economics)

Prince of Songkla University (Hospitality and Tourism)

Thai Nguyen University of Technology (Engineering)

University of St. La Salle


Sophia University


Universiti Teknologi MARA (Hospitality & Tourism, International Business, Food Science & Technology)

Universitas Indonesia (International Business, Language & Culture)

Thammasat University (Language and Culture, Economics)

Vietnam Maritime University (Economics)

Central Mindanao University


Waseda University


Universiti Utara Malaysia (Economics)

ISI Denpasar ( Language & Culture)

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Engineering)

University of Transport and Communications (Engineering)

University of Mindanao


Ritsumeikan University



ISI Surakarta  (Language & Culture)


ThuyLoi University (Engineering)

St. Louis University





SelelasMaret University (Agriculture)


Hanoi Agriculture University (Agriculture Economics)

Ateneo de Manila University





Sriwijaya University (Agriculture)



De La Salle University





UniversitasPendidikan Indonesia (Hospitality and Tourism)



University of the Philippines





Bandung Institute of Technology (Engineering)



University of Santo Tomas