Introduction to Undergraduate Advanced Programs

Introduction to Advanced Programs and Method of enrollment

[SIE] Since 2008, Thuyloi University has started implementing the Undergraduate Advanced Bachelor Program at full-time level under the program of the Ministry of Education and Training. In 2017, Thuyloi University continues to enroll students in two advanced program disciplines as below:

(1) Bachelor program in Civil Engineering, code: TLA13 – originally based on the curricula of University of Arkansas, USA includes the following specializations: Environment, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation, Structure, and Hydraulic Structures.

(2) Bachelor program in Water Resources Engineering, code: TLA14 - originally based on the curricula of Colorado State University, USA includes the specialization in water resources engineering.

The programs are taught entirely in English by professors from the University of Arkansas, Colorado State University and other prestigious universities around the world. The total training time is 4.5 years. The training method is made by credit. Textbooks, reference books have been imported from the partner universities. Study and research conditions meet international standards on facilities.

Full course study location is at the main campus 175 Tay Son street, Dong Da district, Hanoi.

Advanced students with good academic performance and satisfied English requirements will be considered for admission transition to the University of Arkansas and Colorado State University, USA and will be awarded bachelor degrees by those partner universities under dual degree partnership programs 2+2 or 2+N, respectively.

Annually, excellent and qualified students have the opportunity to receive scholarships under ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) Program, scholarships for study encouragement, Le Van Kiem scholarship and other scholarships from local and international organizations. In addition, the program also spends a number of scholarships for foreign students attending the Program in Vietnam.

Graduates with excellent academic results will be given priority to become Thuyloi University’s lecturers. They also have job opportunities at international organizations, universities, institutes, construction corporations, consulting companies or continuing postgraduate courses.  

From 2012 up to now, there have been five graduation batches in Water Resources Engineering and three graduation batches in Civil Engineering, in which many graduates have been enrolled as university lecturers, or working in state management agencies, research institutes, companies and other international and local organizations. In addition, many graduates received scholarships to continuous study for Masters and PhD programs abroad and domestic.

Admissions information: see the link.


Branch code

Branch title


Groups of subjects






Undergraduate Advanced Program in Civil Engineering




A00, A01,



A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A01: Mathematics, Physics, English

D07: Mathematics, Chemistry, English

Grades of subjects multiplied by  coefficient 1




Undergraduate Advanced Program in Water Resources Engineering




A00, A01,



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All information about the program, the results will be announced in the bulletin of School of International Education: Room 109 - Building B1 – Thuyloi University - 175 Tay Son Street - Dong Da District- Hanoi.