International Academic Bicycle Challenge 2019

The second international Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC), which takes place between April and November 2019. The ABC is an entertaining community cycling action designed for staff and students at academic institutions and is especially committed to climate protection and sustainable mobility. Thuyloi University can participate in the ABC cost-free.

Universities from Asia, Australia, USA, and Europe have successfully implemented the ABC in 2018. Their feedback affirms the ABC as a powerful, effective and fun event to promote the local cycling culture, social interaction, and a healthy environment. Besides, the ABC boosts your students’ and employees’ overall motivation and well-being. Not least it enhances the international visibility and image of Thuyloi University.

During your selected participation month the ABC motivates your students and employees to cycle as often as possible. They all record their daily trips with a free app. Various rankings in the app and on the ABC website show all individual and collective achievements of Thuyloi University. The rankings also let you compare your institution’s cycling activities to others globally. Do your economists or linguists, students or lecturers cycle the most? Which team is most active and to which international ranking positions will Thuyloi University climb? Let's find out!

To participate, please follow these steps:

1. Confirm your free participation informally by replying to this e-mail, referring to our conditions of participation available here:
2. Send us some information about your university (like participation month, logo, number of students and staff) as listed here:

Please find further information in our factsheet and on