English Division

    History background:
The English Division was under the Department of Foreign Languages (1985-2005), Foreign Language Center (2005-2012) and under the School of International Education from 26 November 2012 as decided by the Rector of Thuy loi University.

Teaching English to all students of faculties and programs at Thuy Loi University, specifically:
• Teaching English to post graduates;
• Teaching English for full-time university & college students; studens in transition from college to university;
• Teaching English to students of the in-service training program
• Teaching English to students of the advanced program;
• Teaching ESP (English for specific purposes) and Composition Writing for advanced programs.
In addition, the English Division also teaches all preparation courses which provide supplementary knowledge input for the learners of Master Course; Organizes and teaches exam preparation classes: A2, B1, institutional TOEFL as well as other general English classes of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Basic and Advanced Grammar, etc. of the English Center.

Currently, the Department has a total of 21 lecturers who fully meet the standards of lecturer set by the University

Office: Room 214 + 215 - A5 building.
English classrooms are well-equipped with speakers, radios, projectors, and other facilities for teaching and learning.