Report Of Study At University Of Tsukuba, Japan By Student Nguyen Duc Nghia Class 58CNK

I would like to report my academic results from April 2019 to August 2019 at University of Tsukuba , Japan under the ASEAN Student Exchange Program (AIMS) as follows:

1. Names of completed subjects

Advanced Mathematic (Advanced Mathematic): A (1 credit)

Mathematical Economics: A (2 credits)

Marine Biology I: A (1 credit)

Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Society: B (1 credit)

Basic global society (1 credit): A (1 credit)

Water Environmental Management Technology: A (1 credit - intensive)

Discuss global issues in ASEAN (Trans-ASEAN Global Agenda Debate): A (1 credit)

Global Issue Internship: A (1 credit)

Specialize Field Practice III: A (1 credit)

Specialized Field VI (1 credit): Grade A

Specialize Field Practice V: unknown grades (1 credit)

2. Extracurricular trips and activities

Visit the main buildings and campuses, learn about the development and strengths of the school, help students get familiar with the new environment and better understand the school they are studying.

Join the picnic organized by the Japanese students especially in early April because this is the time for cherry blossoms to bloom, so there will be cherry blossom viewing sessions called hanami.

On holidays, you can join other students to climb Tsukuba.

Visit high school in Saitama Prefecture to exchange and share about your country, encourage Japanese students to study abroad because the majority of Japanese students and students do not tend to study in other countries. .

The trip learned more about protecting the environment, especially the water environment in the Kasumigaura River, where it used to be heavily polluted.

Every week there will be an exchange, introduction about culture, people between countries called ASIAN CAFÉ.

3. Living expenses:

Average monthly living expenses: 11 million VND (5 million house rent + 6 million meals)

4. Advantages and disadvantages:

a. Advantage:

To study and work in a good environment, learn Japanese working style. Have the opportunity to exchange and make friends with international friends. This is not only an opportunity to study and improve your English, but also an opportunity to learn Japanese. Train the ability to live independently, communicate with international friends in a dynamic and modern environment. In addition, the facilities as well as the services around the dormitory are quite good, meeting the needs.

b. Hard:

Few subjects relate to the major of Thuyloi students.

Most natives cannot communicate in English.

Cost of living and eating is expensive.

Food is usually very sweet or very salty.


This is a great experience for myself that I will probably never forget. The trip helped me a lot in developing myself in thinking and lifestyle. I have a clear view of the culture of other countries and especially Japan. I would like to sincerely thank the International Training Center for enabling me to take part in this student exchange course. The trip is a premise for me to be able to develop myself for later.