The finale of the TLU Ambassador of English Contest 2019

On the evening of October 17, 2019, at T35 Hall of Thuy Loi University, the finale of TLU Ambassador of English 2019 with the topic "21st century skills" has been a great success.

The final night of the contest was honored to welcome Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - Vice Rector of TLU, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Mai Dang - Director of International Education (SIE), MSc. Trần Thị Chi, Head of Department of English, PhD. Nguyen Van Sy - Deputy Head of Department of Chemistry and Environment, Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa and Mr. Tran Dang Khoa - Vice Principal of Dao Duy Tu High School - Hanoi.

The final night of the TLU Ambassador of English Contest 2019 also has the appearance of 3 judges including TS. Lam Thi Lan Huong, MSc. Do Van Trien - Lecturer of English Department and Mr. Connor - Lecturer of English in Hanoi.

In the final round, to reach the top prize, the contestants must go through 3 rounds: Departing, Flying and Landing. After 3 rounds, the contestant group has the total score of 3 parts and the vote of the highest audience is the winning team.


Opening the final night was a very exciting musical repertoire of students from the English club that stirred the atmosphere of the finale.

After the opening performance of the program, Quoc Hung and Thuy Trang - 2 MCs of the program sent greetings to the guests, judges, teachers and students present at the T35 hall.

Following the welcome part of the two hosts was a speech from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - Vice Rector of CTU and Mr. Tran Dang Khoa - Vice Rector of Dao Duy Tu High School - Hanoi.

After a long and difficult journey, delegates, judges, contestants and audience were looked back on the way to find excellent candidates to be present at the final night to compete for the throne. The highest level, as well as to see the continuous efforts of the candidates through the rounds.


Entering the final part of the finale is a round called Departing, groups of contestants will answer the questions given in the form of choosing the correct answers via the Kahoot website. This is the first time an English contest has used technology in the official test. After all, the Ecoteam team was the winner of the first round.


With the second round called Flying, the teams participated in the crossword puzzle, The Pioneers team successfully guessed the key word of the program and won this round.


After two stressful competitions, the audience presenting at T35 Hall was relaxed with the play "Little Red Riding Hood" from students of Dao Duy Tu High School - Hanoi.


And in the final challenge of the finale - the Landing, contestants will give a presentation on the topic their team drew under the guidance of the mentors. At the same time, the voting portal of the competition opens to receive votes from the audience present in the hall.


With the highest score (355 points), the Pioneers team with two contestants Dao Trong Cuong and Vu Ngoc Minh excelled in winning the championship and became the English Ambassador for Water Resources University, followed by the team. Eduteam with 346 points, 2 members Luong Hoang Long and Leab Mey won the runner-up prize of the competition, and this is also the team with the highest votes of the audience (41%). Sharing the third prize of the contest is the Ecoteam team with 2 contestants Tran Nam Anh and Pham Thi Bach Quynh, the Green warriors team with 2 members Trinh Tran Tieu Long and Nguyen Minh Hoang with the score of 327 and 319 points, respectively.

At the end of the final night, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Quoc Vuong - representative of the main sponsor of the contest had a few words for contestants and the audience. It is known that he will transfer money to the international payment center so that the center can organize the contest in the following years and at the same time, he will award scholarships to the candidates present at the final night.

It can be said that this is one of the useful competitions, helping students to assert themselves and to practice their English skills. Hopefully the contest will continue to take place so that the students have the opportunity to experience, interact, express, and perfect themselves in the future.

Anh Phuong, Department of English