Advanced program Students in Scientific Research Conference 2019

The annual Student Science Conference of the Advanced Program took place on March 15, 2019 at the Water Resource University conference area and was fully presented in English.

Advanced program students presented the topic entirely in English

This is an activity organized annually by the School of International Education. This year, the Conference attracted 5 research projects of advanced program students. The students participating in the study mostly are 3rd and 4th year students (Batch 57 and 58).

The distinction between the Student Scientific Research Conference for advanced program students and the mainstream’s one is that all the phases of writing reports, presenting and reviewing are conducted entirely in English instead of Vietnamese. This can be considered one great advantage for Advance program students, making them more appreciated in the eyes of the employers, domestic and foreign scientists when they can be recognized and evaluated as a potential applicants.

The conference witnessed the topic groups presenting the contents of the research topic under the observation of the council including scientists and experts in different research field such as Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Mai Dang - School of International Education; Assoc. Dr. Ngo Le An - Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources; Dr. Dinh Nhat Quang - Faculty of Civil Engineering; Dr. Le Thi Thu Hien - Department of Water Resources Engineering; Dr. Le Hai Trung - Department of Marine Engineering. The distinguished guest, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - Vice Rector and many lecturers and students also participated in the scientific research conference.

At the Conference, the 4th year student group including Doan Mai Huong, Truong Viet Hoang, and Tran Duc Huy (class 57NKN) presented the topic "Application of ANN to forecast water levels at Xuan Quan sluice on the Red River" supervised by Assoc. Dr. Ho Viet Hung - Department of hydraulic instruction. According to the research team, the model is set to forecast the water level at Xuan Quan sluice with the data of hourly water level at the hydrological stations on the system from 2003-2018. The research results show that the ANN model proposed by the group accurately predicts the water level in real time, moreover, this model can be applied to forecast water levels for other rivers.

Another topic researched by the group of Vuong Tai Chi, Vu Anh Minh, and Nguyen Minh Tri (class 57NKN) was "Finding long-term coastline with satellite images: Research for Binh Thuan province, Vietnam". The topic was supervised by Dr. Dinh Nhat Quang (Department of Side - Structure) and Assoc. Dr. Mai Van Cong (Department of Waterway Port Construction). This study provided a general overview of shoreline and shoreline changes in Binh Thuan Province. Through this, it also developed a common method for detecting shoreline changes in large space and time using satellite imagery. This approach can easily be used in other study areas where the beach has its own characteristics, and can also be adapted to estimate other types of coastlines in the future.


Scientists, lecturers and students attended the Conference

Student Nguyen Khanh Linh (class 57NKN) went in the direction of studying "Exploiting surface water level based on satellite sensors: Research for Quang Tri Province, Vietnam". The topic was supervised by Dr. Dinh Nhat Quang (Department of Strength - Structure) and Assoc. Dr. Ngo Le An (Department of Hydrology and Water Resources). According to Khanh Linh, the surface water range will be extracted by spectral water index and checked with referenced scenes through accuracy assessment and with different satellites, optimal spectral index will be recommendations for specific purposes. From here people can estimate the possible damage and design policies to respond to and overcome the consequences of not only floods but also other natural disaster related to water levels. The topic was highly appreciated by the Council and was marked the highest score.


Student group presented the topic: "Application of ANN to forecast water level at Xuan Quan sluice on Red river system"

A study on the use of MIKE 11 hydraulic mathematical model (from Denmark) to evaluate the "Impact of climate change and sea level rise on saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta" by student Tran Ba Hoang Long (57CNK1 class) conducted with the guidance of Assoc. Dr. Nghiem Tien Lam (Department of Integrated Coastal Management). On the basis of inheriting the model of Southern Institute of Water Resources Research, students simulated the impact of climate change scenarios and sea level rise according to the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment's forecast for saline intrusion.

In addition, there were a group of third year students including Nguyen Cong Minh, Nguyen Nhat Minh and Quach Dai Nam (class 58NKN) under the guidance of Associate Professor. Nguyen Mai Dang (School of International Education) studied "The impact of climate change and sea level rise on residents of coastal communes of Giao Thuy district - Nam Dinh". The study used statistical methods to determine the trend of changing some meteorological and hydrological factors; conducting field surveys, interviewing household questionnaires to assess community awareness of climate change, their impacts and how to respond by local people. The speakers also presented some structural and non-structural solutions that the government and people of the research area were implementing and, at the same time, recommend some more solutions to study in other countries in the world.

According to the Council's assessment, the quality of the themes this year was generally good, there were innovations in depth in research and applicability. The Council highly appreciated the quality of the report, as well as the scientific content and progress of 05 topics. The organizers hope that in the next conference, the number of topics will be increasing in the number of reports as well as the number of research students.

Phượng Vũ, English Department