The female student of Cohort 54 graduated with Distinction grade from the Advanced program

“Attending the advanced program was a right decision.”

[SIE/TLU] “Attending the advanced program was a right decision.”


It is the sharing of Vo Thuy Chi, student of class 54NKN, the advanced program, Thuyloi University, graduating with Distinction degree GPA 3.45.

Vo Thuy Chi is popularly known as an active and industrious girl. As a vice monitor in charge of class study since the second semester of 2013-2014, Chi has always achieved over 3.0 out of 4.0 and been awarded the academic excellence scholarships by the university for 5 times. Specially, she was awarded the President’s Academic Excellence certificates twice during 4.5 years at Thuyloi University.  

Vo Thuy Chi, on behalf of student of cohort 54NK, speaking in the graduation ceremony

Sharing her feelings in the graduation ceremony on 12th January, 2017, Thuy Chi claimed “Attending the advanced program at Thuyloi University was a right decision. Students have chances to practice and enhance English proficiency. The class size is not too big, providing chances for student to broaden networking and share the difficulties in studying.”

Before entering the advanced program, Thuy Chi was not really good at English. However, with the careful guidance of the lecturers, through the skill practices and presentations in English, she gradually improved her English. This was one of the reasons why not only Chi but also other students attending the advanced program at Thuyloi University felt more inspired and motivated to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Thuyloi University was assign to be in charge of the advanced program taught in English with two majors Water Resources Engineering and Civil Engineering with the participation of the professors from Colorado State University, the University of Arkansas in the USA and many other well-known universities all over the world. The total duration is 4.5 years. Students also have chances to study and exchange in the partnership countries such as the USA,Thailand, among others. Specially, according to the most recent survey in January 2017, up to 90% of the graduates from the advanced program are employed right after the graduation and they are highly appreciated by the employers in terms of language skills, working skills and professional knowledge.

Professor. Doctor. Trinh Minh Thu – Vice Rector was awarding the degree to Vo Thuy Chi 

With the excellent achievements, this will definitely be the opportunity for Vo Thuy Chi from class 54NKN, the advanced program to keep moving forward on the future career path.