[Tohoku University] Application for Exchange Programs 2020 Spring enrollment


Submission deadline: November 15th 3 P.M.(Japan Standard Time)

(Application Guideline) 


Online application system (T-cens)


Please be noted the T-cens will automatically close an application after the due date whether or not you are in the process of making an application.

Please do not forget to complete required online procedure by then.

For those who already submitted the applications, please double check if you surely received completion email from T-cens.

If not, please see if you pressed “COMPLETE” button properly.

[Attention] COLABS Application Procedure - Obtaining Prior Consent -

As announced, COLABS applicants are required to obtain prior consent from their prospective academic advisors at Tohoku University before applying through T-cens.

[How to Apply]
[COLABS - Application Procedures]

We urge you to assure important instructions beforehand by revisiting above websites.