Share of student Nguyen Dong Thai attending the 2+2 program at the University of Arkansas, USA

Being a student of Undergraduate Advanced Program who has been enrolled in the 2 + 2 program in Civil Engineering in cooperation between Thuyloi University and University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA, after one year of study and life experience at the partner university, I have something to share with everyone as follows.

Bell Engineering Center

Fayetteville can be called University Town because you will find the university symbol everywhere: Go Hogs Go. Living here is quite convenient because of 10 to 15 minute transits covering almost all places in the city. On the campus, the Arkansas Union is full of amenities including leisure, sports, and cultural activities. It is such a lot of fun if you attend these activities and interact with international friends in such different cultures. However, that is personally not my most favorite place. My most campus time spends on being in the Bell Engineering building with full-service laboratories, self-study launches, and lecture halls. It can be said that it is the office building of the College of Engineering. They perform outdoor experiments at a large scientific research center which is about 10 minutes driving from the campus. In here, the school’s professors inspire students with their enthusiasm. They try to make you understand the problem as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Therefore, any questions can be asked at any time in the lecture or by email or by making an appointment. The studying is completely self-controlled and self-conscious by motivating yourself.

The University of Arkansas Union

Living in Arkansas gives me a valuable experience. The university itself is a great university for academic study and research. It is also a worth-living place. Attached to the natural environment, with fresh air and friendly people, I have been experiencing countless unforgettable moments in Fayetteville. Not far from the city, hiking by bike and rowing across the river are some activities that you can interact with nature. Although living far from home, I have very close and familiar feelings. Studying on campus is extremely safe because of high security and consciousness. Regardless of skin color, religion or ethnicity, everyone is respected and treated equally.

Student  Nguyen Dong Thai -  Class 55CNK1 Undergraduate Advanced Program

Studying aboard is not easy because you will face many difficulties and hardships. You have to make decisions independently and handle difficult situations without your family. However, those things will help you grow up in life. If you are serious about your decision to study abroad, you shall prepare the necessities to realize that dream. Do not hesitate. Go for it.

We do not regret what we did, we regret what we have not done. Good luck!

Student: Nguyen Dong Thai

Class 55CNK1

Civil Engineering